Monday, February 25, 2008

Nibiru or planet x coming

Hi guys this is shyam and here i would like to state
something new about our planet (mother planet
Now to tell you something so that i have the proof,
many people have the predictions eg. nosterdamus _
he said that a bird would fly through the tallest
tree and break it !!!!!!!!.....
no one ever took it do you know
what it was?!!!!??
The twin towers tragedy ,he states
that fire rains will be there dont know wats going
to happen..
now to einstine _he stated that there
would be a pole change he means the two poles
north and the south poles which are going to get
shifted ,another person who predicted is mayan he
had a calender which has said about the poles
shifting ,,,,,,,, do you people know who made this
stone henges and easte island it might be the
people who lived before us , now we shal go the
sacred books THE BIBLE there it was stated that
in year 2000 the earth will expire ( anti christ) but everyone
mistook it (when you say you were born in 80's
does that mean you should be born only in 80 it may
be any where from 80 to 89 )even 2999 is ment
as 2000's only and it is stated that sons of gods
will be comming to the earth they were stated as
the fallen angels once ruled the earth( Noah's
flood & the atlantis sinking ) they say the anti
christ would be coming they mean the giants and in
the HOLY QURAN its stated that there will be a
renewation ....a mass renewation it was said that the
sun will rise in the east ....................... lets stop it here
and continue later Some sceintist say that there was known as ice
age where the ice was till the tropic regions near to
the equator how was this beem happen so the once
called north poles and the south poles must have
shifted here.
Now lets go to the worlds monuments The
pyramid of Giza with sphinx ..... now something about
the pyramids they were built in
2900 B.C
when the ape man was to live in the
caves in about 5000 BC then suddenly in about 2000 years he started to make huge monuments which stand till today ... so when the ape man our ancestors lived in
the caves how were in the world did they build the
gteat pyramids ...they took a crane ,cements
,geometrically planned to de on dimentional(sides)
to the north pole,.. do you think they had this ......
the pyramid of Giza was built in 20 years - a block
of shone weighs around 2.5 to 9 tons approxmetly
4 to 13 road rollers - yeah in school they thought us ,they had logs or wood of
palm trees cut down to roll underneath it - if you
put one log underneath one road rollers they would
be crushed in two rounds .... if they have rolled it
just in 2 or 3 sec it would be crushed , Egypitians
are not great builders or great Architects ,how did they get so many
slaves from each and every 30 days slaves been replaced for they were 5000 slaves ,,, according to the scientist they say
it would have been to calculate to a 3.5 minutes a stone
to be put in the pyramid 24 hours a day for 20 years which even the world
now has that much technology to do it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
How were human beings known to the world......... as
slaves to Gods .....actually these gods look like
giants these giants each one were nearly ten peopls
height, they ruled the world, were did they come
from ,the skys (thats what people refer) but it
might even be from outer space think about it ,the greek gods were famous the (anunaki)....Y
do you think the dinosarus dissappeared they say
due to a clamatic change a huge meteor came and hit the planet so why cant this be caused
by...... the planet X ( more proof of the known)
so we go to the olden days of the indian empire , now when you are a Indian you must have known about that the old grand parents talking
about the stories of ramayanam and mahabaratham in this they refer to some kind of vehicle known as VIMANAS these vimanas helped and were used by the kings of the region they carried
them to the desired place BUT how THEY FLY from one place to another and the use some kind of mechanism like some refer to great wings at their sides and they flew so......... was it the wright brothers who found a simple small stupid mechanism called AEROPLANE which is most commonly used in the world?
so it is the Indians who found the plane not the wright brothers
ok now lets get back to work!!!!!
how did they invent or creat this VIMANAS , yeah i got it! they called to god and asked it from him so he gave it away!!! ha what a funny joke huh, they were been inspired to some kind of machenism from the outer world I mean from the aliens. Do you agree . still no

where did this Vimanas go when we got inherited all the other things like wheel , bow and arrow skill etc etc and all the stuff like the old tradition why did that dissappear .
lets take Ramayana , ( I am not hurting any one or any religion I Am sorry If I do really)
HANUMAN the great monkey GOD from the legend is said to have reached for the sun thinking it as a fruit and when he grew up he fought for the right side so he once had to travel across from Southern India to Sri Lanka ( look just be scientific ok how can a monkey GOD jump so far high .!!!! yeah i got he is a GOD so only he could make it ) be logic.!!!
In the olden days there is something known as leviation it means one could fly they could lift themself from the ground using the antigravity force within the body getting the power from cosmic energy
so this was used by HANUMAN god to jump or jump like (fly) towards Sri lanka
now lets get to the planet
There is a seventh planet called Nibiru or
planet X (now named as ERIS) which was unnamed
in 90,s it has a orbit of 3600 years calculating in
earth years, this planet is located at the fatherest
point of our solar system it is actually not orbiting
the sun as you would think, It is orbiting a planet
called by the earthlings as brown dwarf due to its
appearence, now this planet Nibiru was discovered
by NASA in 1982 ,and in 1983 they sent a infrared
telescope space shuttel and confermed it
what does this planet has to do with ours ......there lies the DISASTER
........ yes
... this planet has 3600 light years orbit .... the orbit
goes through our solar system betwen our sun and
the earth ,,,,, now i would like to state another
point the brown dwarf has 7 planets the last is
Nibiru the 6th one Ceres about our earth size has
been inhabited by giants known the famous GOd of the greeks THOR and here i would like to
remind you about the BIBLE'S words the sons of
gods or giants as stated have once ruled the earth,(the gods of the old )
this planet has the same PEOPLE ,they are cruel
people once ruled the earth they wantede everyone to be slaves for them thats how the existance of god came to Earth ,now coming back to
the Nibiru this planet cut the solar system and
displace everything (planets) this planet is as large
as jupiter ,on july 25th 1999 the BBC science &
technology news reported that Neptunes moon
TRITON is warming would think i am
joking or something but the truth lies behiend
,,,this planet has more gravitational pull than earth
......... now you could see the planet with naked eyes
on march 15, 2009 then you might have remember
this message , ..................and on NOV 20th 2011 you
and everybody can see it throughout the world as
size of the moon or the second sun ..ON DEC 12th
2012 ther will be a change in the climate due to
shifting of poles , great Tsunamies ,hurricanes
,earthquqkes will appear NASA has hidden this
truth as not to create a panic among people and the
Hubble telescope have stated that the Eath's
rotation stops for 3 days or more to a week to
change the poles and the NASA have said that 2/3 population will be dead by FEB end 2013 ..................
why are they so keen to find another planet ......
where we could live ........ i have done only this much
and i took all the informaion from many search
engines from google to crefix this is not a scam or
any false message so i can only convey this message
i cant do anything else other than this I CAN
ONLY AWAKEN YOU PEOPLE please be aware of
it once when you see that you might remember me ,
my message thanks for reading this msg & fwd to
all pls ......... now when you go home just for a moment
think about it ... THE WORLD'S END IS NEAR
SHYAM (jack dawson)
watch these pls
this one does for the antichrist or nephilim
this one found in tamilnadu
aliens build the pyarmids


IM 2000 HOT 4 Ya soo dont try 2 b mine! said...

hey datz was something dat not every1 will post...any i liked it...

wat shud i do said...

dat was already known to me...can u give me new info n updates abt planet mind is gr8ly disturbed by this news...these things can b known by the news channels also why they dont show it to the public...the time is already running can i make others to believe in dis? Are d gov planning(secret bases n bunkers with food storage) n d nasa(in search of new living planet) upto goin to be in d 1/3 category dat are going to be safe? will d WW3 event n nibiru event coincide?

thegodreturns said...

tis all the same no one ever believes me also but i can just tell them i cant force them to believe me ,Right , they all will come to know wen it happens till then just be quiet and if u want ill post some informations about how to escape from that event , and i do not know weather it will coinside or not butt this will really happen

Ragav said...

Hello all ,i am Ragav...Shyam's Brother...its addressed to all who has read this Blog,people these are all hypothesis put forward by various people with various motives...some might get inspired like my brother and do some research on this topic and publish it...of course its very interesting and mind boggling but all this doesnt guarantee that the event will happen for please read the post and think for yourself before beleiving anything,do research by urself and come up with constructive arguments...